Sunday, 27 October 2013

Trip to a Country Miniature Show

This weekend I went to the Ballarat Miniatures Show. Although this is a small country show there was a suprising range of stalls and miniatures, including a lot of hand made pieces.

There were bargains to be had (which I was tempted by, but stayed strong).

There were interesting and creative room boxes and house displays. It was nice to see some contemporary miniatures, as well as some with a distinctly Australian feel. 

 There was a great range of accessories for sale, all at really cheap prices.

And there was some wonderful miniature artists. This is Ray Hill. He makes beautiful hand made art deco, Tudor, Elizabethan and Georgian dollhouses and furniture. Everything is made from scratch and by hand.

This was one of the tudor houses he has made. He made it entirely of scrap wood he salvaged from old bits of furniture bought at clearing sales and auctions.

These are some of his fine pieces of furniture. Unfortunately he does not have an email address or website, but he does take commissions and was contactable (if you're in Australia) on 0401 881 210.

As always, seeing hundreds of miniature things all in the one place is a novelty.

I came home with some miniature wine bottles and glass decanter.

The wine bottles were hand blown with real liquid inside. 

I also purchased some metal Beswick-type ducks (which require painting) as well as some more liquor bottles and a soda fountain for a nice 1950s drinks display.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Furniture Arrangement - Sometimes Miniature Skills Come in Handy

Finally after more than a month I am back online!

My boyfriend and I have just moved into a new (tiny) apartment.  The spaces in the apartment are awkward, and it was hard to know how best to place the furniture. My boyfriend had the idea of using my little furniture and making a mock up of the strangely shaped room (using some of the copious amounts of cardboard from the moving boxes). I was more than happy to oblige.

Finally my miniature furniture and construction skills had came in handy for an actual practical purpose!

I have a lot of mid century danish furniture, and so my little 1960s Lundby furniture was the perfect miniature substitute. 

We both had fun moving the furniture around and arguing over the best placement.

I was pleased with the result.