Monday, 7 January 2013

A Little More Renovating

Since I have had a week off after Christmas, renovations have continued in earnest. They are coming along quite well, and I almost managed to finish the house (the attic still remains bare unfortunately). 

At the beginning of the week I discovered a picture of a house in the US which is very similar to the eBay house. I was very excited to discover this image. I am thinking of improving the exterior to look more like this house. 

The interior is basically a blank slate after I ripped out the old wall and floor furnishings. 



I began by using a new tool my Mother had bought to cut a stair well and doorways in the thick MDF. This was quite a task due to the strange angles. 

But I got there, and was pleased with the result immediately. 

Next I began work on the staircase. 

I wanted to make it very simple at first, but then got carried away in the joy of mini staircase building - and it turned out a little more ornate then I planned.

Getting the angle of the bannister correct was very difficult!

I then felt that paneling was appropriate to complete the look.


I then made the paneling for the rest of the same room. I made it from thin strips of balsa wood and other pieces of pre cut pine moldings.

A victorian fire place completed to room. I made it from several lengths of pre-cut moldings and cut one of the spare bannister posts in two halves and glued them on, instead of corbels. I used a Phoenix soft metal fire place insert - I think they are the most realistic to be bought. 

Next the painstaking task of choosing just the right wall paper. It took me two days to decide!

The dining room (below).

Next will come the attic, which I have resolved to divide into two rooms and make one a bathroom and one a maid's room. Stay tuned!


  1. It looks great so far, love all the detail on your staircase and the wallpaper you chose in the end. Looking forward to your attic renovation.

    1. Thanks Elga! I am still debating whether or not to include attic stairs. We will see!

  2. Hello Emily,
    Fantastic! You did such an amzing job ont he staircase. It looks so beautiful, so realistic and so grand! I also have to say you counld not have made better choices with the wallpaper and the exterior. i've just read your last few posts and it is amazing how you have transformed this house. Bravo!
    Big hug,

  3. Hello Neighbour!!

    I found you on Blanches blog when she mentioned her one hundred friends,one of them being Emily from Melbourne, Melbourne Australia I ask????

    And here you are! I love your house and all you're creating. I look forward to following your work.
    Fi x

    1. Glad to see another Dollhouse person in Aus!! I love your blog by the way, and look forward to following it too!

  4. Hi Emily, Thank you for following my blog. I'm following yours too, for I'm impressed by the refinement of your creations. In particular the hearth in front of the stairs in your house; the colours of the wallpaper and of the heart itself harmony together so beautifully.
    Greetings form Liduina

    1. Thank you very much Lldulna. I enjoyed all the wonderful pictures you have, and look forward to new posts!

  5. acabo de entrar, espectacular trabajo! gracias por compartirlo!!!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the trim on the sides of the staircase especially!

  7. Gorgeous work! I love the extra touch of putting the trim on the stairs.

  8. Wonderful, have given me some tips.