Saturday, 19 January 2013

Attic progress

Only the attic remains to be renovated in the eBay house. The house is now taking on a distinct American Victorian feel, even a little gothic with its rich dark wall papers.

I cut two small walls to divide the attic into two rooms and a corridor. The decision to make three spaces in the attic took most of the day. The drop saw made short work of cutting the walls from a large sheet of MDF. I'm so glad I have my parent's power tools on hand for this type of work.

It took a while to get the angles right and make them fit. I couldn't help but ad some furniture to help imagine how the finished product will look. 

Then I started on the doors. I have had enough of pre made door frames. They are too chunky and come with a large threshold, which isn't very realistic. I have resolved from now on to make my own door frames (keeping the doors though). Wish me luck!

I have cut and laid out all the architraves for painting and finishing tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will come the hard task of deciding which wall papers to use. I have been thinking about it all day but still can't make up my mind. Very difficult decisions..


  1. Hi Emily

    I love the two walls in your attic and I agree with you 100% about the door thresholds, who wants stubbed toes and falling over thresholds in the middle of the night ;-)

    Good luck with choosing the wallpaper!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Elga!

      Creating doors will be tricky - specifically the part where I hang the door and try and get it to swing properly! I do mosts things through trial and error - but if it works well, perhaps I will try my first 'tutorial'.

  2. Hi Emily,

    You are making quite a bit of progress! I can see there is a lot of work there. I love the look you are creating and i look forward to some tutorials....; )

    Fi xx

  3. Hell oEmily,
    You are doing such an icnredible job on the house.
    I totally agrree about pre made doorframes...I made all of mine from scratcha nd while it was a lot of work it really changes the look and realistic quality of a dollhouse.
    Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to seeing whis of hose wonderful appers you choose.
    Big hug,