Saturday, 1 February 2014

Another 1:144 Scale Project - Little Toy Dollhouse

I haven't made many posts in the past few months, so here is an update of a little project I have had going. I have been doing more 1:144 scale houses lately mainly because my apartment is so small and they are manageable projects!

I wanted to make this little house look more like a toy dollhouse one would have, rather than an authentic house in miniature.

 I made the house from stiff card and coloured paper.

It looks right at home in my dollhouse bedroom. This is an adult's room though, so I'm sure it would look even better in a nursery. 


I got the small pieces of furniture from SDK Minitaures. They were more than a bit fiddly to put together!

Palladian Cat Villa: Update

Since my last post about a project in which I made a miniature Palladian villa for my new kitten, little Frankie Mayonnaise has finally arrived. By popular demand from several of my lovely followers, here is an update.

I'm pleased to say Frankie Mayonnaise loves her castle. 

She is also quite fond of dollhouses (although that is mainly because she likes to destroy them). 

If you use Instagram, follow her too! @frankie_mayonnaise