Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Wallpaper has Bubbled! Help!

We have had some quite warm and humid weather here over the past few weeks. As a result my newly glued wallpaper in my Victorian house has bubbled!

I am quite upset by this, and am not sure how to fix it. So I am writing this post to ask for help! Does anyone know how to fix bubbled wallpaper without having to replace it entirely?

Also, what glue do you use? I stuck the wall paper with a non-water based general purpose adhesive (brand named "Tarzan's Grip").

Any suggestions from more experienced small-house builders would be very much appreciated!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Thief in the Night

I came down this morning to find a thief must have been through the dollhouse!

...that or my stick-to-the-wall job wasn't very good...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Tiny Shelf Project for a Sick Day

Today I was home sick from work with a cough. I used the time to get onto a House of Miniatures kit I bought last week on eBay. The assembly was pretty easy and the kit well made. 

I chose to paint it a grey blue because I didn't think the wood stain finish works well on such large grained and poor quality pine. 

The colour worked out well. 

 It also looked great in the main bedroom of the American house.

It now serves as a home for the little books I bought some time ago. 

The duck tried it out too. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

I Wish I Had These Wonderful Miniature Things

Since I have not been able to do much building lately (have been on holidays) I have decided to compile a list of all the wonderful things I would Like to fill my dollhouses with.

This wonderful Regency table and chairs by Small-Time:

Some lovely chandeliers by Clare-Bell Brass Works:

A beautiful set of settees from John Hodgeson Miniatures:

This remarkable little table from Studebaker Miniatures:

Something colonial by Renee Bowen:

Or this lovely card table by Masters Miniatures:

Unfortunately this list is just a WISH list right now - as I have to wait for a pay rise! I will have to just continue to enjoy the things I have for the moment!

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Small Side Project - the Fern and the Dresser

While I was working on the bathroom this weekend, my Mum (Louise) and I also put together a little fern (from a miniature kit she bought at the Melbourne miniatures show) and finished off a little dresser Louise made a little while ago.

The fern kit came with good instructions, but was a bit fiddley. 

Louise's little dresser was made correctly (like a real one). Louise buys and restores old furniture, and so has a good working knowledge of their anatomy. She is also quite handy and good at tiny detail!

I discovered to my joy that this little dresser went very well with the little bed we bought from McQueeney Miniatures some time ago. 

I began to apply the french polish to the little dresser, layer on layer. 

After about six coats it took on a nice sheen that I was happy with. 

Meanwhile, Louise was finishing her fern quite nicely. 

I then found some little brass nobs and a tiny drill to make the finishing touches. 

The fern and the dresser look good in the house. 

They made a handsome pair:

Eventually however, the fern found its rightful place in the bathroom, leaving the dresser alone to await some other as yet unfound adornments. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Tiny Finished Bathroom

I very glad to announce I have finally finished the bathroom in the American house. After the colour debarcle (my first attempt), I settled on grey blue panelling and yellow wallpaper patterned with blue and maroon florets. 

The colours complimented each other quite well and also picked up the colours in the floor. 

The overall effect is probably a bit riotous, but then it is a Victorian house!

Fitting the threshold floor boards was a challenge - I also had to french polish this little piece separately too so it matched the floor. 

I also had to make some paint touch ups.

I bought a Chrysnbon bathroom kit a few weeks ago, and Mum and I put it together for the bathroom. 

I love Chrysnbon kits because of their detail - and was particularly inspired by this post by (which is one of my favourite blogs). 

I considered many different positions for the bathroom units, but finally settled on this (believe me, this was not a decision I took lightly!). 

The toilet looks swell from the hallway.

I also finished the hallway this weekend too. This means that the entire interior of the American house is finished. 

I also added a newly made fern (posts with details of said fern's construction to follow). This turned out to be a nice touch. 

The duck I happily discovered in a long neglected drawer seems to enjoy its new home.

I am happy now with the overall impression of the attic.