Monday, 25 February 2013

Tiny Shelf Project for a Sick Day

Today I was home sick from work with a cough. I used the time to get onto a House of Miniatures kit I bought last week on eBay. The assembly was pretty easy and the kit well made. 

I chose to paint it a grey blue because I didn't think the wood stain finish works well on such large grained and poor quality pine. 

The colour worked out well. 

 It also looked great in the main bedroom of the American house.

It now serves as a home for the little books I bought some time ago. 

The duck tried it out too. 


  1. You made a beautiful shelf, the colour is so well chosen in combination with the wallpaper.

  2. It's the perfect color for the room! Beautiful! I love these old HOM kits. :]

  3. It's a nice shelf and I love the colour you have chosen for it. I love your wallpaper. I have been observing wallpaper on every dollhouse blog I visit because I need to wallpaper my house and I am looking for inspiration. I love the boldness of your paper and the coulour of the shelf compliments it so well.

  4. A great little project when you're not feeling 100%. It looks good in situ and I like the colour too. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. It turned out so nice! Love your books and duckie on there. I really like there kits its just to bad they no longer make them :( I just ordered the shelf recently also but it hasn't arrived yet, seeing yours makes me glad I did thanks so much for showing us!