Monday, 18 February 2013

I Wish I Had These Wonderful Miniature Things

Since I have not been able to do much building lately (have been on holidays) I have decided to compile a list of all the wonderful things I would Like to fill my dollhouses with.

This wonderful Regency table and chairs by Small-Time:

Some lovely chandeliers by Clare-Bell Brass Works:

A beautiful set of settees from John Hodgeson Miniatures:

This remarkable little table from Studebaker Miniatures:

Something colonial by Renee Bowen:

Or this lovely card table by Masters Miniatures:

Unfortunately this list is just a WISH list right now - as I have to wait for a pay rise! I will have to just continue to enjoy the things I have for the moment!


  1. too. I dream of Lucy Askew mirrors, Tarbena crossback chairs, Stokesay Ware kitchen canisters, and a Small-Time 1:144 French townhouse to go inside my 1:12 French townhouse. Oh well, it'll just have to wait.

    1. Oh yes, all those things sound lovely! Especially the little town house. I guess it is also nice when you have to wait a while, makes the pieces so much more precious!

  2. Oh, these pieces would fit perfectly in your house....

  3. I don't think you're doing too badly! Your red room looks lovely.

  4. Wow all those things are amazing, but the things you do have are beautiful also

  5. Here is what I wish. That I had your skill in woodworking and construction! You do wonderful work, Emily!