Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Stairs in the Swedish House - the Next Step

Over the weekend I made some progress on my Swedish House's staircase. I began it some time ago.

I completed the balastrading by first finishing off the remaining ice cream sticks which I had begun cutting earlier. To get an even rounded edge I used a small chisel. The wood was very hard, and quite tough to cut.

I replaced the posts I made earlier with harder base wood which is less likely to be damaged or dinted. 

I moved the staircase between the house and my work bench to make sure that everything fit properly as I was making it.

Unfortunately at one point, the "easy to slide in" staircase got wedged. I had to shove it quite hard to get it out!

I then painted the hallway in a grey tinted white. I will not wall paper this wall, I think a plain and minimal look is best. It took a few coats to get an even finish.

I also painted the stairs.

I am pleased with the result. 

Next job: parquetry flooring for the entrance, and to find a suitable hall light!


  1. Hello Emily,
    That is just beautiful. I love the banisetrs you made. I am very impressed. the finished result looks VERY realistic. Terrific work!
    Big hug,

  2. Hi Emily! I love your bannisters! They must have been extremely difficult to sculpt. I know those sticks are very hard.

  3. The staircase looks great. Well worth the effort =0)

  4. Très réussie cette balustrade ! Bravo !

  5. Me encanta como te está quedando la escalera, felicidades:-)

  6. Emily, you did a great job, I love this staircase, it looks great!

  7. Hello Emily! Your staircase is terrific! So beautifully done and the complex turn to it makes me feel green with envy! I love the way your pieces are so cleanly finished and detailed. I like the color that you've chosen to paint the hall. It reads kinda bluish on the screen and it is very 'cool' and remote feels like muted light is already filling the hall. It is a color that I immediately associate with Sweden. A good choice!


  8. It's amazing. I'm sure the balustrading was hard work indeed but the result is stunning.

  9. Que bonita te está quedando la escalera!!! Es una idea estupenda y un magnífico trabajo. Besitos

  10. Looks wonderful! Lots of work these are, but they always add so much character. :D