Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UPDATE: Wallpaper Sources - A Controversial Topic?

I have decided to do this post to explain where I got those lovely dollhouse wallpapers.

I was struggling to find good arts and crafts style papers from online dollhouse suppliers, so I decided to do some more research. I did many google image searches and discovered that many real size wall paper suppliers provide high resolution graphic samples of their wallpapers online (freely saved to a home computer). I downloaded several of them and printed them out. Some worked, others were too grainy, but I was able to find enough to use as decorative runners. I don't think one could actually print a whole wall of paper because they are only small samples. 

Today however, I found when looking on Etsy that these same designs (obviously downloaded from the same full size wall paper website I used) were listed for sale by a seller as a for $30 each . 

The seller says:

"Regular Retail $36.95 Etsy Intro price $29.95.
Please be aware that the purchase of this item buys you endless personal use for crafters and miniaturist. Resale of this product in digital format is not allowed." (emphasis added).

I find this sort of behaviour dishonest. It shows that you must be careful when buying online. 

I have reported this seller to Etsy. 


  1. This really demonstrates the delicate line one must balance when utilizing others' creative works. Being fairly new to miniatures, I was amazed at the amount of copyrights that appear to be violated by good people in the quest for accuracy in their settings. I'm a historian, not an attorney, but have read in reputable sources that some things fall into the public domain after periods of time. If that is the case, a design cannot be restricted unless someone puts the effort to create something new. That may be what this etsy seller has done. Otherwise it is like illegally downloading music.

  2. Hi Emily, I don't think it's a very decent and kind to take free samples from a website and then sell them yourself for money, if this is really the case. I hope that Etsy will find out what is happening here thanks to your report to them.
    I would like to make a few tiny boxes for my doll's house of these samples, but my rsi-arm is kind of falling of my body now after searching google for wallpaper sites with free samples. Can you simply give me an advice where to find these specific sites so I can download a sample to print for myself?

  3. Hello Emily,
    Disgusting! I can understand if someone has incredible quality paper and equally high quality printer, but there is no way to justify such an increase for designs they did not create...even then! $30 a sheet...they can keep them!
    Big hug,

  4. I've seen a few Etsy sellers who were clearly copying someone else's work...and a few who were painting mass-produced whitewood furniture and falsely selling it as handmade. Sadly, there are a few people who just have no morals.

  5. I wonder what color the sky is on their world :)