Saturday, 22 November 2014

Gothic Victorian Parlour and Chandelier

This week I have spent a lot of effort trying to finish off the front parlour of the half scale house. I settled on a deep red flocked wallpaper and mustard trim. These colours seemed suitably gaudy for a Victorian interior. 

I chose a maroon patterned ceiling paper. 

To finish off the room I needed a chandelier. I am fed up with trying to shop for half scale lights, they are either too expensive (around $170 US) or cheap, nasty and really out of scale. I decided to try and make my own. It actually wasn't too hard. I bought an LED kit fromTrue 2 Scale and some gold wire.

I used 1:12 scale plastic wine glasses for the gas globes. I cut the stems off and pierced a hole in the middle for the LED to fit through. 

Now all the architraves are painted and fitted, and wallpaper applied. It looks gaudy, but pretty appropriate for a victorian parlour. I have ordered some tiny palms and ferns for the parlour, as I think they are a must have accessory. 

Next, the dining room!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Little Mantel Mirrors

Its been a while since I posted, but now that exams are done with, I have got back into it. This week I have been working on the fiddly details of my half scale house, being cornice details, brackets, scroll work and fireplaces. My goal is to create a half scale house which is not discernible in terms of quality and detail, from a 1:12 house.

I began by finishing off the chimney.

After the chimney, I spent a considerable amount of time designing details for the interior. I am focusing on the parlour first. 

I designed several details on the computer using Adobe Illustrator, and then had them laser cut. This included gable end brackets, shingles and all interior decoration. This way I am able to design all my own trims and am not limited to spending a lot of money and waiting for the post to arrive!

I have begun the shingling as you can see, but as you all know this is a tedious task, and has not been finished yet!

I then began on a mantel piece. The front parlour will have a strong Victorian Gothic character. The mantel piece is one of the most important features of the room and must reflect the theme. I made it with basswood and laser cut pieces of card. 

Next I designed an over mantel mirror for the parlour, in the Gothic style as well. I spend many hours looking over pictures of all parlours so that I could create an authentic design. Because laser cutting is 2D, layers must be carefully created to give a 3D effect.

Below are the three layers of the mirror I designed.

I used mirror backed 1mm card for the mirror.

I have also chosen a deep red wallpaper for the parlour, which I felt was in keeping with a dark Victorian Gothic parlour. 

The finished product has come together quite well.

If you would like a Gothic Victorian half scale mirror or fireplace for your half scale house, you can purchase one from my Etsy shop, because I made a few extras just for my blog readers!

Check them out here: