Saturday, 15 November 2014

Little Mantel Mirrors

Its been a while since I posted, but now that exams are done with, I have got back into it. This week I have been working on the fiddly details of my half scale house, being cornice details, brackets, scroll work and fireplaces. My goal is to create a half scale house which is not discernible in terms of quality and detail, from a 1:12 house.

I began by finishing off the chimney.

After the chimney, I spent a considerable amount of time designing details for the interior. I am focusing on the parlour first. 

I designed several details on the computer using Adobe Illustrator, and then had them laser cut. This included gable end brackets, shingles and all interior decoration. This way I am able to design all my own trims and am not limited to spending a lot of money and waiting for the post to arrive!

I have begun the shingling as you can see, but as you all know this is a tedious task, and has not been finished yet!

I then began on a mantel piece. The front parlour will have a strong Victorian Gothic character. The mantel piece is one of the most important features of the room and must reflect the theme. I made it with basswood and laser cut pieces of card. 

Next I designed an over mantel mirror for the parlour, in the Gothic style as well. I spend many hours looking over pictures of all parlours so that I could create an authentic design. Because laser cutting is 2D, layers must be carefully created to give a 3D effect.

Below are the three layers of the mirror I designed.

I used mirror backed 1mm card for the mirror.

I have also chosen a deep red wallpaper for the parlour, which I felt was in keeping with a dark Victorian Gothic parlour. 

The finished product has come together quite well.

If you would like a Gothic Victorian half scale mirror or fireplace for your half scale house, you can purchase one from my Etsy shop, because I made a few extras just for my blog readers!

Check them out here:


  1. C'est passionnant et très intéressant de suivre votre travail.

  2. This is a fantastic work. The details you added to the house and the fireplace are stunning.

  3. Amazing work, Emily! Your laser cut items give such a beautiful and detailed result! I'm in love with the mirror, it's absolutely beautiful!

  4. WOW!!! Awesome work! I LOVE Victorian Gothic details! I love anything remotely medieval too...
    I am very impressed with your laser cutting and the design work that goes into it! This house will be incredible when you are done! I do not have any half scale work... only 1:12 and 1:48 (in my Tree House) and none of it is half as good as your beautifully precise creations!!!

  5. Just beautiful! Very impressed that you designed them yourself, I wouldn't know where to start :D. Three cheers for the person who came up with laser cutting too, for the creative freedom (and precision!!) it's given us mini makers! :)

  6. Un trabajo exquisito!!! Me encanta la chimenea y todos los magníficos detalles que vas añadiendo a la casa!!!!!

  7. You do know Paper Doll Miniatures, don't you?

  8. I am so glad The Shopping Sherpa sent me here! :D I've been missing out! Such a beautiful project! Your attention to detail is really inspiring. I just started laser cutting my projects myself but I've stuck to the basics for now, slowly working up haha. Some of your pieces are so small and delicate and it really brings the work as a whole to life. I'm looking forward to following along from now on :)

  9. Very impressive..... such detail.


  10. Très belle réalisation et surtout beaucoup de minutie dans le travail du miroir et de la cheminée. Bravo.