Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Tiny World of Terrariums

Inspired by a book I read, I decided to make a few moss terrariums. A terrarium is a glass jar or container in which you create a tiny ecosystem. I love all things tiny, so I thought it might be an interesting change from the usual dollhouse projects.  

I needed some some moss, so I went on a hunt through the small blue stone alleyways around my house. 

I used a few small jars, some peat moss soil, some sphagnum moss (for a filtration layer) and some pebbles to help drainage at the base. 

I found some railway figures and placed them in their tiny world; then placed their world on a shelf.

These hikers are comparing maps, they must be lost. 

A little herd of cows enjoys its hilly pasture. 

I found a very small jar. 

It now has tiny lovers in it. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Little House with Little Legs

I have always loved dollhouses which have legs. It makes a little house seem more like a piece of furniture in its own right. This seems to give a dollhouse a purpose in the decorative scheme of a room. 

These antique houses are all in the V & A Museum in London.

This house (below) is in the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm.

So I decided to give my little Scandinavian house legs. I bought a set of four turned legs from the hardware shop. 

I made a frame by doweling the  legs and cross frame piece together.

It was a challenge to make the frame square and straight. We employed four large clamps and spent a lot of time fiddling with it. 

 In the end we got it right. The house looks quite good already I think - even though it is yet to acquire a facade.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Little Etsy Shop

Hi everyone, I have created an Etsy shop. Why don't you all check it out here!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Little Stairs Continued

I continued my staircase today. Because my workshop is at my parent's place (I live in a small apartment in the city) I don't get to it as much as I would like. So when I do visit, I do as much work on my house as I can. 

I agonised over the choice of balustrade - round? straight? turned? In the end I decided on a flat stencil type cut. I have seen a lot of these type of balustrades in Scandinavian houses, so it seemed a good choice. 

I decided to use iceypole sticks because they are just the right size. I drew out the pattern on each stick and then cut them on the mini band saw.

I wanted to make the balustrades with a decorative hole, so a drilled holes to make it easier to cut.

Because iceypole sticks aren't the best quality wood, some split while I was cutting them. I glued them back together easily though. 

The result was quite pleasing.

Capping the posts made it look quite finished.


Still some work to do. Look out for the next post!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little November Christmas Trees Ready for Market

Today I went into the city and bought some more coloured beads to finish off the trees. 

My baubles also got a bit more sophisticated, with the use of fine jewelry hook rings rather than the more chunky wire I used earlier. 

The tinsel I made by unwinding some glittery cord. 

They look quite pleasing on parade:


...and in the parlor. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Little November Christmas Trees

It is a little bit premature, but I decided to make a Christmas tree for the dollhouse. I decided the best course was to buy HO railway pine trees because of their realism.  

I bought a pack of seven trees with the view to making them all up and putting the six I don't use on eBay. I went to a craft shop and bought a selection of beads and other shiney small things to decorate them with.

I had to glue the bases on, and it was a challenge to get them straight..

I made the stars on top with by glueing two star shaped split pins together (above).

I made baubles with beads and wire as hooks.

Because they are quite small trees, I bought two little tables for them to sit on, like Victorian Christmas trees.

I haven't decorated the rest of the trees because I am going to go back to the shops and get some different coloured beads for some variety.  

For now though, they look very sweet in the parlour.