Saturday, 5 December 2015

Making a Victorian Style Christmas Tree

I have always loved the famous image of the young Queen Victoria and family around their German Christmas tree. The image was printed in the London Illustrated News the christmas of 1848 and is widely credited as starting the fashion for Christmas trees in England and America.

Because the half scale house is Victorian, I think it needs a Victorian christmas tree like this one. Determining the style of the tree was fun. Fake trees were popular at the time, and the Germans had feather trees. Since this is the easiest style to replicate, and looks the most authentic, I decided to go with that. 

Sharpen a toothpick or section of skewer or small dowel to the length you want. Then use jewellery wire to create the branch levels. To do this, wrap the wire around the stem following the below pattern. 

Once you are done with each level, drab a drop of super glue on the centre of each level to secure the wire to the tooth pick. I use super glue because it most effectively binds wire and wood. 

Then paint the stem brown. 

The next step is to use some lycopodium to make the branches. Lycopodium is a type of moss which is dried and painted green. You can buy it in bulk packs at florists or miniatures shops. It isn't too hard to find, and I even found some here in Aus at a miniatures fair. Cut the lycopodium in "Y" shape segments. 

Using super glue, slowly work your way around the stem, gluing the Y branches on. This is a little bit time consuming and annoying in the extreme. But stick with it. The good thing about using the wire branches is that you can change their angle to get the look you like. 

Next you make the stand by cutting two pieces of bass wood and creating grooves in them so they fit neatly together in an "X". 

Glue to the base, and then you're finished!

Next up, decorations!!


  1. Precioso. Gracias por la informaciĆ³n.

  2. Hello Emily,
    Terrific job on the Christmas tree. It looks lovely!
    Big hug

  3. Your Victorian Feather tree look Marvelous and knowing you- the decorations you are making for it will be as Sensational and as authentic as your tree has been, and I can hardly wait! :D

  4. Amazing! Thanks for sharing the instructions!