Sunday, 7 September 2014

Victorian Iron Lace and a Little Porch

I haven't made a post in a very long time! This is mainly due to how busy I have been. Finally though, I have had some time to continue work on the half scale house. This week I finished off the porch and added some iron lace to cap the tower and the bay windows.

I added supports to create a gently sloping porch roof.

I then finished off the porch supports and glued them in place.

I glued the porch posts to the porch roof separately from the house in one unit, so that when I pain the house it will be easier. 

To finish off the exterior of the house, I wanted some decorative iron work. This is a picture of the roof line of a victorian house, with decorative iron lace. 

I designed a lace pattern myself using Adobe Illustrator, and had the pattern laser cut in 1mm card. 

I then capped the tower and two bay windows with the lace. 

The house is coming along nicely. Next I will be doing the shingling and making a chimney. Then I will be moving on to the interior! Slow and steady wins the race..