Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Little House with Little Legs

I have always loved dollhouses which have legs. It makes a little house seem more like a piece of furniture in its own right. This seems to give a dollhouse a purpose in the decorative scheme of a room. 

These antique houses are all in the V & A Museum in London.

This house (below) is in the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm.

So I decided to give my little Scandinavian house legs. I bought a set of four turned legs from the hardware shop. 

I made a frame by doweling the  legs and cross frame piece together.

It was a challenge to make the frame square and straight. We employed four large clamps and spent a lot of time fiddling with it. 

 In the end we got it right. The house looks quite good already I think - even though it is yet to acquire a facade.


  1. These houses always seem grander than a house on a table or on a chest of drawers. It has nice big rooms. Have you decided yet on the facade?

    1. Thanks Idske, I agree! I have a vague idea for the facade but I havnt decided totally. I will have to draw up some more plans.

  2. Hello Emily,
    I love houses with legs. they really look so much grandeur. You did a terrific job on yours. It look beautifula nd the legs work with the shape of your house. I wanted to put some on mine, but since it took 8 sheets of mdf I doubt any leg would last that long.
    Great job, once again.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac, yes, I agree that legs look good. Gosh that is a heavy house! In my last house I used an old table and turned it into the stand of my house. I planned the size of the house so it fitted the table. Although it is a little bit unsteady.. This time I made the house lighter so that legs would work better.
      Thanks for checking it out!

  3. Is very nice what you're doing with your home!

    1. Thanks Blanche! I wish I could make faster progress on it!