Saturday, 10 November 2012

Little November Christmas Trees

It is a little bit premature, but I decided to make a Christmas tree for the dollhouse. I decided the best course was to buy HO railway pine trees because of their realism.  

I bought a pack of seven trees with the view to making them all up and putting the six I don't use on eBay. I went to a craft shop and bought a selection of beads and other shiney small things to decorate them with.

I had to glue the bases on, and it was a challenge to get them straight..

I made the stars on top with by glueing two star shaped split pins together (above).

I made baubles with beads and wire as hooks.

Because they are quite small trees, I bought two little tables for them to sit on, like Victorian Christmas trees.

I haven't decorated the rest of the trees because I am going to go back to the shops and get some different coloured beads for some variety.  

For now though, they look very sweet in the parlour. 

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  1. Hell oEmily,
    It is never to early to get ready for Christmas! Great job on the trees. They look great and I love them on the table. The group of trees is lovely.
    Big hug,