Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shell of a Grand Little House - Continued

The building of the shell has progressed somewhat today. I cut the door and staircase holes and glued and nailed the whole structure together. 

Before I began, I realised my base piece was slightly warped, and had become convex. So I placed it between two saw horses, and nephews helped to bend it back...

Once the base was straight, I began glueing the rest.


The building of the shell has been quite labour intensive because I decided to have every room with removable walls, which I read about in Mulvany & Rodgers' book "Magnificent Miniatures".

Apparently this technique allows you to pull out and work on each interior wall which means it is easier to paint fiddley things. I havn't done it before so I hope it will make things easier. 

It took a lot of time getting the wall inserts to fit snuggly. 

Tomorrow the staircase will go in and I will cut the facade. 


  1. Hello Tiny Distinction. It's looking good. I must say the removable wall technique is very useful and makes things much easier. Looking forward to more progress,

    1. Thanks for following!
      My next post is about my staircase - I admire your grand staircase! I found it while spending hours looking for inspiration! Mine is a little more humble though!!