Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dining Room Floor

This week my mum and I made the floor for one of the rooms in the Swedish house. First we cut a sheet of card to the size of the floor in the room. 

Next we drew the pattern the floor boards would take on the card.

It is important to double check that it fits in the room snugly before you start making the floor. 

Then we slowly put the floor together to the pattern with thin strips of wood veneer. We used blonde honey coloured wood for a Scandinavian look. 

It took quite some time, about five days. 

Next we french polished the floor. It would have also looked good raw too. 

The finished product is quite pleasing. 


  1. Hi Emily,
    That floor is beautiful with the stove and chandelier. Very light and airy, lovely. Nice pattern too. Well worth the time to do.

  2. The floor turned out beautifully. I love parquet. Great design choice

  3. It's beautiful and looks great with the stove and gentle colours. It really adds to the atmosphere in the room. The chandelier is a beauty too!

  4. The floor looks amazing! A work of art! It was well worth the time you spent on it.

  5. Wow Emily, the wooden floor is beautiful! But I can imagine it took you and your mother five days to finish it. Making such a floor yourself is very elaborate. But it's nice to do it together, I think it's cosy, isn't it? :-)

  6. Que suelo tan precioso, ha hecho un trabajo magnífico!! Se ve muy armonioso con el color de la pared y la bonita lámpara. Felicidades!! Besitos

  7. Emily, it was a lot of work, but this parquet floor is beautiful, such a warm wood color and very Scandinavian :D!!Love that stove and chandelier.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. As If it weren't for the progress shots, I would swear the last photo had been taken in a real Gustavian mansion.

  9. Stunning Emily!! You have done a beautiful job and it was worth all the effort for you both. One day I hope to summons the courage to try such a beautiful floor. It really does look marvellous.

    ML Fi xx

  10. That looks like a lot of careful cutting but well worth the effort and you are lucky to have your mum helping. It looks fantastic, the light colour is a good choice.

  11. Hell oEmily,
    Superb. The finished floor is so realistic and beautiful. You really did a fantastic job. I love the wood you chose. It looks hjust right in the room. Terrific job on the french polish.
    Big hug,

  12. I really like that floor, thank you for sharing how you did it.


  13. Hello Emily! Your floor is EXQUISITE! You have sooo much detail and precision in each cut! It seems that You and your mother are a force to be reckoned with! Your work is always Immaculate and so interesting and well presented!


  14. Green with envy! This is a Gustaviab Dream Dollhouse!!!!!!!!! You are so talented!