Saturday, 1 February 2014

Another 1:144 Scale Project - Little Toy Dollhouse

I haven't made many posts in the past few months, so here is an update of a little project I have had going. I have been doing more 1:144 scale houses lately mainly because my apartment is so small and they are manageable projects!

I wanted to make this little house look more like a toy dollhouse one would have, rather than an authentic house in miniature.

 I made the house from stiff card and coloured paper.

It looks right at home in my dollhouse bedroom. This is an adult's room though, so I'm sure it would look even better in a nursery. 


I got the small pieces of furniture from SDK Minitaures. They were more than a bit fiddly to put together!


  1. How awesome! I say adults can have dollhouses in their bedrooms too! :-)

  2. Another gorgeous creation Emily, so nicely finished inside and out.

  3. Love it,such detail! Looks so real!


  4. What a beautiful and small dollhouse, Emily, this is excellent work! Did you also cut those tiny windows by yourself? Oh are you able to see what you're doing?
    I also think a dollhouse can be placed anywhere :D!

  5. Que preciosa!! Me encanta y que pequeñita, es un trabajo estupendo!!

  6. Hello Emily,
    Your work in such a small scale always impresses me. It is just beautiful.
    Big hug,

  7. The house is gorgeous, love the bedspread too, really nice colour scheme in the room.

  8. This house is Wonderful Emily! It has just enough detail and yet looks just like a child's play toy! The wall paper is Perfection!


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  10. Lots of detail and looks just like a toy dollhouse. Though I agree that adults can have dollhouses in their bedrooms too - I certainly have one ;)