Saturday, 29 December 2012

A New Little Stair Case for a Tired Old House

The Scandinavian house has been put to the side over the Christmas break, and for the moment I have been playing around with the new eBay house. I started by removing some wood to make holes for the stair case and a door upstairs and downstairs. 

I bought a pre-milled stair case kit for the house, but decided to use different balustrading (of much better quality than the kit provided).

This took quite a long time and was quite tedious! 

The result was pleasing though. 

I think the stair case has improved the over all look of the house a lot. It seems to have transformed it from a child's toy into a collector's miniature already. 

Tomorrow I will go out hunting for some nice wall paper and do a little more research on American Victorian style as I want the house to look authentic.

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