Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Little Diamond in the Rough

I have just acquired this little gem on eBay and am very happy! Houses of this caliber very rarely come up for sale in Australia, and so I was very pleased to find it. 

I am fairly sure it must be an American house because of the Victorian mansard style, but it is not a kit built house. I think perhaps it was made from a pre-purchased plan because the proportions seem too well balanced to have been made without guidance. Any ideas?

Now the question becomes to what extent should I renovate? Should I re-do the interior entirely and put in some lighting and perhaps a staircase? Should I instead try to keep it original.  This will have to be considered carefully, particularly after some research as to where exactly it comes from. 

Either way it is a very sweet house and I will keep you posted on renovations. 


  1. It is a beautiful little house, enjoy the renovations. Houses of this style is often referred to as "Second Empire" and the style originated in France. If you Google second empire style you will find lots of information, my own dollhouse is based on this style.

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  3. Pretty house! It looks like the Americanized version of the little house of the book by Lea Frisoni.

  4. I am enjoying your blog and it's so nice to follow another Aussie. Love your work and I know you'll make this house a beautiful building however you interpret it.

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am glad to have an Aussie follower too! Stay tuned, it is slow going since I work full time, but we'll get there!

  5. I just discovered your blog. You do great work - Troy