Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Little Distraction

Notwithstanding that I should be continuing with my scandinavian house, I couldn't help but get a little bit stuck into the new little old house I picked up on eBay last week. 


The porch has seen better days, so I am planing some nice ornate spindles to replace them. 

The chimney is quite well made, if perhaps a little rough. 

The interior is probably a little bit dated. Mid-nineties pastels pervade..

So we decided it was time for an update. 

Looking a little bit rough right now, but give it some time and it will look like new. I am also planning a staircase, which will improve the overall look. 


  1. This house has so much potential. And I always think that a staircase adds character to a house - plus allowing our mini people to get from one storey to the next :) I'll watch with interest as you refurbish this gem.

  2. I can't believe you found this gem on E Bay, I never have that much luck! What a lovely little house, It has oodles of potential.
    I will watch with interest to see what you do with it! Do you know where the house originated?


    1. HI Debby,

      Yes! I was very pleased with myself! they don't often come up on Australian ebay. I think the house is American - but it looks to be hand made and not from a kit, to me. I have a suspicion that it might have been made from one of those plan books they sell there. I am yet to stumble across anything that resembles it though. Let me know if you do!!