Thursday, 15 August 2013

Some Beautiful New Flowers

This week I received a special gift in the mail of beautiful hand made flowers for my Georgian parlor! The gift was kindly sent by Patrick from the blog Travel to Siam (Patrick and I are buddies since we love to comment on each other's blogs all the time!). They look absolutely lovely in the room! Here are a few pics of them in the early morning sun. 

The blues and whites of the flowers match the colour scheme of the room perfectly. 

Thanks Patrick! Check out Patrick's Etsy store Seribatu if you would like some beautifully hand made flowers for your dollhouse too!


  1. Wow, they look great!
    It's amazing what a difference it makes when you add finishing touches and "everyday " details to the room.
    I love the wall colour in this room, too.

  2. Oh my...such pretty flowers. I know someone who would LOVE Patrick's shop...

  3. Hello Emily,
    they are beautiful. So well made and they look gorgeous in the room.
    Big hug,

  4. Emily
    I think flowers anchor a room, they're like rugs or furniture the right bouquet will just sets off the room and those bouguets are lovely


  5. Very pretty. The flowers make a wonderful addition to your room. IndyPoppy

  6. They are gorgeous with the vibrant colours really coming alive in the morning sun, they compliment the room perfectly.

  7. They do look perfect in your room Emily, and lovely photos with the sun shining into the room.

  8. Hi Emily, I love the look of the vase of flowers on your round table. You have a good eye for proportion and they are gorgeous and they compliment the tones in the wood in a really wonderful way. Patrick has a real creative talent when it comes to details and your workmanship and his are an excellent partnership! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with Patrick's fabulous bouquet with us!


  9. This room looks lovely and the flowers add a great finishing touch. It was good that you were able to catch the sunshine too - it makes it more realistic somehow.

  10. Hi Emily,

    The flowers are so lovely, how fortunate to have such a nice buddy!! They really do add a lovely warmth to the room and I can see you are going to have trouble deciding where to put them.

    Oh, and my darling little house arrived Thursday afternoon, thank you, I will be doing a post about it this afternoon.

    ML Fi XX