Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mid Century in Miniature and a Disposable Roombox

This month I took delivery of some wonderful mid century modern Danish style furniture. I ordered it all from Minisx2 and it was lovingly hand made by the very talented Patie. I wanted to make a modern 1950s style room box for the bookshelf, which I thought was looking too bare.

I decided to make a room box which would be quick and easy to assemble. Instead of wood I used poster board.

I bought some textured olive green paper (to imitate painted stucco walls) and brown felt for carpet. I cut strips of which 1mm thick card for the skirting board. All up it cost about $25 for the whole room box. 

It was quick and easy to assemble. 

Then I placed it in the bookshelf and arranged the furniture. The whole exercise took about an hour and a half. Now I am shopping for some lights and some nice accessories to fill it out with.


  1. Congratulations, Emily - you've successfully re-created my grandparents' living room (Los Angeles circa 1955)!

    Isn't Patie's work incredible? I'm already thinking of having her copy MORE Heywood-Wakefield pieces for my mid-century collection...

  2. Dear Emily,

    This looks amazing! This is a wonderful example of how you can make a quality and realistic room box and not blow out the budget! I love the furniture and your color choices. They are all so realistic and beautiful too.

  3. Hello Emily,
    The roombox is beautiful. Excellent work. The furniture is lovely and the room very realistic.
    Big hug,

  4. Emily, this is excelent work, the room looks incredible realistic, well done!

  5. I love your work so much! You make it seem to so easy, but your choice of colors and furnishing make all of the difference!

  6. Me encanta como has hecho la habitaci├│n, los muebles son perfectos para esa ├ępoca, tienes muy buen gusto decorando.

  7. Wow, your room box is flawless, it is hard to believe that it is made of poster board and felt. Excellent work!

  8. Excellent roombox with 50's atmosphere! I've never been lucky with poster board, it always warps on me, :((( You did a great job! Mini hugs, Natalia

  9. I just love the MCM! I could never make a roombox that nice from foam board! Patie does such amazing work and so do you!

  10. Well thank you - you've brought back memories of my childhood :). It looks great, and the quality furniture you've put in it is the secret to getting a really good effect, along with your excellent colour scheme. You certainly have a knack for decoration as well as building.