Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Little Bed Spread

A lot of progress has been made on the 1:24 scale house since the last post. I have been very lazy, and so here is the first post in three months! I have wallpapered the four main rooms. Today I went to work on doing the covers of the little Phoenix Miniatures bed that I bought some time ago. 

I made the mattress of two layers of corrugated cardboard. I covered them with white cotton from a shirt I murdered for the purpose.

I discovered that some wide threaded cross stitch cotton I had looked perfectly like a woollen knitted blanket in 1:24, so I used it for the bed spread. I tasseled the end by pulling out a thread. 

It looks good in the blue room. 

 Still plenty of work to be done!


  1. You did a fine job on the bed! I also noticed two other things. One is if there is a fireplace/Chimney on the first floor, it make sense to have one on the above floors too. Also, I see a little of how you put the light up. I would love to see how you will wire it since the wall paper is already up. on both floors. Please share when you get to that part! :-)

  2. Hello Emily,
    Terrific job. The scale of the fabric weave really is perfect for miniatures. Well done. The pictures are all beautiful.
    Big hug,

  3. The little bed and bedcovers are just lovely. In fact the whole house is coming along really well. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
    All the best

  4. The little bed is so sweet, and the cover really brings it to life, I like the finish on it. I love the house detailing you've done too. I murdered a bed sheet recently for making cushions.... :D

  5. The little bed looks wonderful. What a wonderful little blue room.

  6. La colcha para esa cama de escala 1/48 ha sido una buena idea.
    UN abrazo

  7. Preciosa cama y la ropa de cama finísima y muy bonita.la elegancia en la sencillez!!!!

  8. Brilliant idea! Looks great.

  9. The bed and the rooms that you have shown, all look SPLENDID! I love the folded over top sheet that you have made for the blanket- Very Cleverly done!

  10. Your wonderful build is coming along beautifully! I especially love the last photo of the whole house. Looking great!


  11. Thanks for your reply about the laser cutting. My husband has managed to sort of get our little cheapie cutter going, so I have cut a few prototypes but will still keep looking for a cutting service.

    Thanks for the compliments on (one of ) my current build. The panels were made by Robert Dawson from the Modelroom. I have just stuck them together to paint! They are beautiful, something for me to aspire to in my work, as making thus sort of panelling is something I want to try and then get good at.

    I am loving your Fairfield too, and will watch for new posts. I have the same thoughts about detail in half scale, hence why I am making kits for sale. All the best!