Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A New Side Project

I don't have a workshop in Melbourne where I live in a tiny apartment. I do most of my work at my parent's house where there are power tools and wood working supplies galore. All of my dollhouse operations take place there where there is space and equipment. 

However, I have decided that it is time to set up a proper work space in my apartment (despite the lack of space). So I invested in a solid pine trestle table. 

This decision to set up a work space where I live also coincided with a Real Good Toys bungalow dollhouse turning up on Australian eBay for a bargain price! Postage to Australia for US made houses is FAR too expensive normally, so I was very happy. 

I love the craftsman style bungalows (the US and Australian bungalows were fairly similar). 

US bungalow:

Australian bungalow:

The Australian bungalows tend to have more (and wider) gable ends and less roof facing front, also Australian bungalows don't have dormer windows usually. I intent to give my bungalow influences from both styles, ie: basic shape from US, tapered window architraves from Australian. 

I also intend to give the house a realistic interior.  

I have already begun trying to improve the house/make the house look more "bungalowey". I plan to taper the porch posts, taper the window architraves, change the glass in the windows and add exposed joists under the eaves. 

I have already started with the windows. The kit window architraves were plain and straight.

 So I embellished them by adding extra pieces to give a tapered  effect. 

I got rid of the acetate window glass provided by the kit because it had painted leading on it. I am now using toothpicks instead.  

So far so good (although I have lost one toothpick when I tripped and dropped the window!). 

This is also a colour test, and I am as yet unconvinced by my own choice!


  1. Emily, are you a mind reader? I just started scratch-building a California Craftsman bungalow! (I haven't posted about it yet, but I will.)

    Let's compare notes as we go along :)

  2. Your window is much better! Love the furniture in the interior photo, very elegant with the panelling. :)

  3. Your ideas sound great I look forward to seeing your progress and good that you can compare notes with Ana.