Saturday, 6 April 2013

Little Kakelugn off to Market

I have decided that since I do not have anywhere for my first kakelugn to live, I will have to part with it! I made it last year and was hoping to house it, but failed, so now I have listed it on Etsy to see if anyone else can love it like I did!

Check out my listing here!


  1. It certainly is a most marvelous piece!

  2. Hello Emily,
    What a shame to part with such a wonderful piece, but I am sure it will find a very happy home.
    big hug,

  3. Hello Emily! I am sure that this piece is special to you and I know how you feel having to relinquish it but hopefully whoever make the purchase of it will give a home that you may be able to visit via blogger! Your craftsmanship is wonderful and the stove is too!