Tuesday, 6 May 2014

2015 Sydney Miniatures Fair

On the weekend I flew from Melbourne to visit the Sydney Miniatures Fair. The show was great, with many talented craftspeople selling their creations, as well as lots of bargains and miniature treasures to be found.

I met up with some fellow miniature bloggers, some of whom had stalls for the first time this year. This included Margeret from My Petit Parterre (above) with her beautiful faux aged French provincial furniture, also Norma was there from Make Mine Mini with her lovely range of kitchen settings (below) and Anna-Maria from The Shopping Sherpa.

There was a nice range of hand crafted furniture and miniatures as well, it was well worth the trouble.

For those who love smaller scales, Vicki Taylor from Just Quarters had a great range of furniture and accessories (below). I was able to buy an LED lighting system from her to use in my new half scale house.

Lilliput Miniatures had a great range of tudor furniture in both 1:12 and 1:24 scale, all hand crafted.

There were also some wonderful displays of dollhouse projects, including this beautiful French style mansion. French provincial really is in Vogue!

Some bargains were also had, and it was a great show!


  1. Hope you found some good bargains for yourself? I must admitte the French Maison has a certain allure. You can't go wrong with this classic, timeless style. The hooded rocking cradles are amazing. gr. AM

  2. I love seeing photos from the fairs. Thanks for posting =0)

  3. I can understand the smile on the man's face.
    Shows are so exciting no matter where they are. Thanks for sharing

  4. Great to see your pics Emily and thanks for showing my table. And of course it was wonderful to meet you even if only briefly. Let's definitely work on the idea of a bloggers get-together for next year.

    I've been following you by email for quite a while but I've joined on GFC as well to make it easier to add you to my sidebar blog roll.

    1. That sounds like a great idea Norma. Im looking forward to next year already!

  5. Dearheart, you're a bit ahead of yourself... :-)

  6. Thank you for posting these pictures of the miniature fair :D!

  7. I'm looking forward to going to the fair in 2015 - I've missed the last two. And maybe we'll get to meet in person there too :) It's a great experience and the displays are always interesting. I just love having all those minis on sale and find so many things I didn't know that I needed :)