Friday, 9 May 2014

A Petite Pattisserie - Update

You may remember that I built a tiny patisserie for my sister when she opened a patisserie with her partner in Maitland (NSW) called Icky Sticky Patisserie. She set it into the counter of the patisserie for her customers to enjoy (the smaller ones in particular).

Since I was in Sydney for the Sydney Miniatures Show I stayed with my sister and now have an update on how the patisserie has faired. My sister came along to the miniatures fair and picked up a few new accessories for her patisserie. This included some cakes, a bunch of flowers and a little bit of greenery which were arranged in the patisserie with care.

If you are in the Newcastle/Maitland area, drop by to check out the tiny patisserie...and the cakes and great coffee!

The hole in the counter for the patisserie was prepared with a frame and glass (to keep little fingers out).

Behind, a ceiling was created which had an LED light, so the cakes could be seen.

The patisserie was then lowered back into place after its window display updates.

Anyone for real cake?


  1. The new additions look great! That's such a clever way to display the mini patisserie while keeping it safe. And the real cakes look wonderful!

  2. WOW, what an original idea, this is fantastic, Emily :D! It must be so nice for customers (and little ones) to see the patisserie in miniature.
    Your sister has a beautiful assortiment of very delicious cakes over there. I wish I could go and to visit her shop ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. That´s just freaking AWESOME! The real cakes look so good and delicious.
    Hug AM

  4. the kiddies are going to love it :)

  5. Quelle merveilleuse idée!!! Je regrette que ces pâtisseries ( la grande et la petite) ne soient pas plus près de chez moi! Elles sont aussi appétissantes l'une que l'autre!

  6. The addition of the greenery at the front is a great idea and it'll be interesting to see the surprise when customers of the not so petite patisserie discover it for the first time. This is a wonderful way to display your gorgeous project and how thoughtful of your sister to make it low enough for children to be able to enjoy it (marvel at it!). Of course after seeing your little masterpiece surrounded by what appear to be masterpieces of another, delicious kind, I feel a trip to Maitland coming on...

  7. Wow, it looks brilliant. I think every shop should have a miniature replica inside to delight the visitors. The real cakes look yummy =0)

  8. Charmante idée la petite pâtisserie dans le comptoir....bon appétit ;-)

  9. Excellente idée de mettre la petite pâtisserie dans le comptoir. Bravo

  10. Hello Emily,
    Your sisters Patisserie is amazing. what a terrific idea! I'm sure everyone loves it...and those real goodies look delicious.
    Big hug,

  11. I'm really wanting to make a room box and have it mostly planned in my head- a formal 1900-1940-ish era room with hardwood floor, fancy crown molding and ceiling, wallpaper and wainscoting, stained wood stair case going back, and then up left, a door in the wall beneath the stairs, with a carved fancy upholstered chair, little table with lamp and old telephone in the corner by the stairs, and chandelier. An arched doorway in the left wall, and behind that as well as behind the other door- another wall to create a dummy space so that when you open the door and look you see what appears to be a hallway (but you wont be able to see further)
    same for the doorway in the left wall, you would see what appears to be another room but only the visible portion in the rear would be finished.
    I bought the chair and the door but I'm not real happy with the "wood" floors I've seen- printed paper! I'm thinking I may make strips of real wood, either mohogany or paduk would be stunningly rich when stained and both are fine enough grained that the grain doesn't look "out of scale" as cutting strips of oak or pine would.

  12. I LOVE IT! How cool and what a novel idea to have it installed in the counter. Something to keep the line up bent over and start conversations, that's for sure! I like the fact that your sister did some of the choosing for the cakes and pastries for the shop whilst at the Sydney fair with you! That makes it even MORE Personal and EXTRA Special!


  13. Hi Emily, this is such a great idea! I love the fact its at child height too! There are going to be so many kids with great memories of this, it's definitely something I would have remembered from childhood. Love it. Have you had any feedback from the tiny customers yet? :D x

  14. Hope that the adults can get to see it easily too - it looks just gorgeous!