Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A New Tower & Some Tiny Architectural Details

I have been working slowly away at the half scale house in the past few weeks. I want my little house to be a classic American style Victorian with some Neo Gothic and Second Empire influences. For example:

Unfortunately, with this style in mind, the pointed tower of the Fairfield was not suitable. So I decided to make some alterations to it. I wanted a square tower which is so common in Second Empire Victorians which have mansard roofs.

I kept the roof pieces, but trimmed the tops off and made side additions to give the square shape I wanted.

I then made the tower with flexible card. 

In addition to the tower I also needed some brackets and decorative architectural details. I searched quite widely and wasn't able to find anything of quality in 1:24 scale. So I decided to cut my own. Cutting by hand isn't so great because it does not produce uniform results so I decided to have some of my own designs laser cut. I have several pattern books of architectural details from last century, so I copied some of these designs in Adobe Illustrator. 

I then took this file to a laser cutting facility and had these patterns cut out of MDF and card. 

I made some of the brackets to be multi layered. I cut one layer of 3mm MDF and one of 1mm card, and glued them together to create more detailed brackets. 

The house is now starting to look quite good. Next I will begin the weather boards/cladding.


  1. Love your idea to get your pieces laser cut. It looks great. I like your use of the board to give it a 3D look.

  2. I do like the style of those houses - so unlike anything we have over here and it was a good idea to create your own laser cut pieces. It's looking impressive.

  3. j'adore le style de votre maison. Les détails architecturaux découpés au laser sont superbes. Bravo bravo bravo!

  4. Hello Emily,
    It is already an impressive project. I can't wait to see more. the architectural detail is spot on.
    big hug,

  5. I like how this house is turning out, very interesting choices..I can't wait to see more


  6. What a great idea to the pieces laser cut. They add so much detail and realism to your project. I am in love with the house in the third picture.
    Hugs AM

  7. What an impressive project, Emily, I can't wait to see more of it. Lasering your own architectural pieces is a very good choice.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Un trabajo impresionante. Me encanta!!!

  9. Absolutely superb Emily!! How clever you are to work out how to achieve the turret transformation.

  10. Me encanta tu casita, es un trabajo magnifico!!
    Besos Isabel

  11. Emily is the laser-cutting expensive?

    1. Hi Margaret, no not terribly, however you have to pack a lot onto a page for it to be worth it, so it can be a bit fiddly. If you like some of the patterns I have done I can mail you some laser cut pieces!