Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Some Progress and Some Pain

Today I continued with the outer trimmings of the half scale house. I felt like the eaves and gables were too wide, so I cut them. Soon I will give them support brackets.

As you can see here, the eave is shortened, and will be given a gutter and bracket. This makes it more realistic. 

As you can see from the previous post, I had put shingles on the gable ends. After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that these were wrong. The singles were too big.

As such, I spent an hour prying them off. I had stuck them on with hot glue gun, and they were very difficult to remove. As a result of prying and jamming them off with a knife I stabbed my palm. While it was 7mm deep it was very clean, so didn't need stitches!  

I replaced the shingles with straight vertical weather boarding, which I think is finer, and more realistic.

Now the house is really taking shape.

It puts me in mind of an old farm house. I am now wracking my brain for colour schemes. I have found quite a few little houses which look like the Fairfield, though none so far who's colours I like.

Frankie Mayonnaise is bemused by the goings on.

Perhaps I will see some of you at the Melbourne Dollhouse Fair next weekend!


  1. A bloody hobby we have..
    Good luck to your hand. May all heal well.

  2. Oups!! la miniature est dangereuse ;-) Pourquoi ne pas laisser le bois naturel, juste ciré ou verni? Why not let natural wood color, varnished or waxed?

  3. Hell oEmily,
    Glad the cut was not more serious. It was worth the pain because the house is coming along beautifully! The strips look much nicer on the house then the shingles did.
    Big hug,

  4. Hi Emily! Yes, all the things we do for our hobby.......;o! I hope your palm will heal well, take care. At the other hand, your gables look much better this way.
    I wish you much fun at the Melbourne Dollhouse Fair next weekend :D!

  5. Siento que te hayas lesionado la mano, espero que pronto puedas seguir con tu casita, me encanta como le has puesto las maderas, mucho mas bonita así.

  6. A pesar de la lesión has dejado una preciosa fachada
    Espero que tu mano sane pronto .

  7. Good grief! You really are putting blood, sweat and tears into this!! I think you made the right decision changing the wall covering, it looks so much better now, even though I bet it was a difficult decision to make.
    I'm off to read through some of your older posts - your label on Weathering has caught my eye...

  8. Ouch! Hope your feeling a bit better! Your cat is adorable!
    Hugs AM

  9. Hi Emily,
    I can relate to the hand injuries, I built a similar kit, "The Beacon Hill" I was picking splinters out of my hands for days. Your house looks gorgeous though well worth the pain! I love the Green colour scheme..
    Debby :)

  10. That cut sounds very painful. You've done some good research to find those photos of houses that are so similar to the Fairfield.

  11. Ouch, no doubt it has healed by now. I have been away from blogging lately also so have missed you house building. I just love Frankie Mayonnaise!

  12. Just found your blog via The Shopping Sherpa... OMG your details are incredible! Wow wow wow. I'm blown away at your craftsmanship. I'm looking forward to reading your older posts and following new ones. (Oh and your cat is simply the cutest!)