Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Tiny Amount of Australian Colonial Art

I am a particular fan of John Glover (1767 - 1849) the Australian colonial artist, who is best known for his faithful representations of the Tasmanian and Australian landscape. Glover is famous for being one of the first European artists to accurately capture the light and form of the Australian landscape. On a recent visit to Hobart, I bought a book of his works.

A particular favourite of mine is "My Harvest Home" painted in 1835 (below).

I set about creating a copy for the dollhouse. It took about 3 hours.

Unfortunately I'm not sure what kind of frame the original hangs in, so I went for a plain one.

It is now hanging in the dining room.


  1. OMG! You're amazing. Here I was thinking all your fabulous straight cuts on MDF were a thing of total beauty and then I see this! Just awesome, very very well done. I love your tool/work shed too, and how easy you make it look to get nice cuts on the drop saw. I am inspired! Blessings, Sherri-Lee.

    1. Hi Sherri-Lee

      Thank you very much for you kind words and encouragement! I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog. I really enjoyed looking through yours, especially your dollhouse for a dollhouse (I have always wanted to make one of those).

      Hope you enjoy further posts, as I will be looking forward to yours!


  2. It's more than perfect!! The fact of painting that with no chance to mistakes is amazing!

  3. A masterpiece! This amazing work! You are so talented!