Sunday, 28 October 2012

The NEW house

No sooner has the last coat of paint dried on my Georgian house and I am planning the next house. The last house has taken more than a year to finish, so I have decided to make the new one smaller and more manageable. This one will have a Scandinavian feel. It will be one story with small attic rooms. I am not planning on having a kitchen, just a central hall with a sitting room to the left, and a dining room to the right. These are some idea sketches:

I finally settled on this four room plan (with central hall and staircase). It will also have legs.

I think I will use MDF this time (the last house was ply wood). Ply splinters and warps much too easily. 

Im not sure if the facade is balanced enough, or if it is too busy. I will have to dwell on it for a few days. Next weekend is a long weekend, so I plan to construct the shell then. 

While I was plotting my next house this afternoon, I took a moment to colour some frames I bought gold. I haven't decided what to paint in them yet.

I think perhaps this time I will copy an Arthur Streeton painting to continue with the Australian theme.  

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