Thursday, 18 October 2012

Important Addition to a Little Swedish Room

A Swedish room needs a Swedish tiled stove or kakelugn.

These stoves are an iconic part of any traditional Swedish interior.

I made mine out of a block of rough wood I found in the shed.

I added the edges with pre-milled skirting board and cornice.

To make the doors I used left over metal packaging from some Swedish caviar paste that I had bought at Ikea.

 I then painted the stove white, with blue decoration. The finished product was very pleasing, although I think I will make a few more in order to get the scale and painted details just right.


  1. Hi I have just found your blog via our common interest in Gustavian style which I now realise is the style I most want to emulate. I love your stove, did you use stencils to paint it and have you made any more?

    1. HI Margaret,

      Yes I love Gustavian style! It is so fine, light and beautiful. Have you built anything yet? I did not use stencils, I just painted the patterns myself. I have done one other stove, but plan to do more, so stay tuned! I am making an entirely Scandinavian style house too, though it is still in the early stages.

  2. A really lovely stove!


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  4. Exquisite work! Cant wait mine for my Biedermeier parlor roombox! You are a true mini artist! Thank you!!!