Monday, 15 July 2013

A Tiny New Side Project

This week I have discovered a new scale: 1:144. This size is a house which could be a dollhouse for a dollhouse. I was inspired by the little houses in Hobart, Tasmania. 

I made it out of 1.5 mm card. 

I wanted a realistic interior, so I found some wallpaper images on the internet, saved them, scaled them down and printed them off in the correct scale.

I cut the paper out and folded it in to shape for the rooms. 

I made the fireplaces, skirting board and architraves with brown coloured paper.

The tiny dormer window was a bit of a challenge. 

Perhaps I will try some furniture, though I think that will be a little more difficult!


  1. You've gotta be kidding??? This is just awesome, great work!

  2. Mind. Blown. I made a tiny Lundby-style dollhouse for the bungalow and it is SO primitive compared to this!

    Nell Corkin sells cast-resin 1:144 furniture sets if you aren't ready to make your own...

  3. Lovely. It's a perfect replica. I can't wait to see what furniture you pick. Indypoppy

  4. Your tiny house is just perfect! Enjoy making some furniture for it.

  5. WOW, this is awesome work, fantastic! I am curious about your attempts for making the furniture.....;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Que fantástico trabajo!!! Me encanta!!! Seguro que si haces los muebles, te quedarán geniales. Besitos.

  7. Adorable!! That is the only word for your darling little house. What a beautiful job you have done too, flawless! I love the interior, and the exterior for that matter.

    I want one!


  8. Hello Emily,
    The amount of realism and accurateness of the details in such a small scale are incredible. Terrific work!
    Big hug,

  9. Hi Emily! Boy, your good at what you do!!! Imagine taking the time to scale down the wallpaper for this little house and then to make sure that the trims and all were installed as well. You are a stickler for architectural details and that is just amazing to see. You have a superb eye and a very steady hand! Well Done!


  10. Very cute and built from scratch, it's looks as good as the ones you can buy! You can get some nice kits for that scale, and some railway model stuff works well. Have a look at Noch, I don't know whether the scale would be right though.

    P.s. I'll be looking for a printer at some stage, and I like to see what they are capable of, so out of curiosity, what make is your printer? :D

  11. OMG Emily, It is so gorgeous, I think I have been to that street around a park in Battery Point? I am in love with it, now I want one too. It looks perfect on your little table.
    In awe,