Monday, 29 July 2013

North Melbourne in Miniature - Another 1:144 House

I decided to make another little 1:144 house this week. There is a pretty white terrace house on my street and I decided to copy it. 

I bought some fittings online this time from Grantline to give some more realism. 

I printed off wallpaper in the same way as last time. In the comments on my last post I was asked what type of printer I used. I used a standard large commercial office printer, the type they have in copy/office supply shops. It isn't the best finish (a little shiny), but the detail is good enough.

I completed each of the rooms before I slotted them into the card shell. That is I folder and cut the wallpaper, made the fireplace and did the architraves. It just gets too difficult to work inside a tiny room with these details.

I used some plastic hobby strips for the architraves and fireplaces, cut them to size and painted them brown. This looks more real than brown cardboard. I made the rest of the house from 1.5mm white card and grey paper (for the blue stone bottom half and sides). 

For the urns on the parapet I searched for an appropriate shaped object, and found earring backings. They were perfect for the purpose so I glued them on and painted them white.

Im still waiting on some shutters to finish it off (which I have ordered) but here is a  compare picture in the mean time. 


  1. Assolutamente delziosa!!! Complimenti!!!

  2. Wow! You made a fabulous little replica. Looks really good!

  3. Lovely work, and the wallpapers your used make the rooms very beautiful!

  4. Excelente trabajo, me encanta. Un saludo, Eva

  5. There is nothing else to say except I am astounded at the detail and completely in awe!!

    Brilliant and I want one of those too!!


  6. Me too Emily! It is a fabulous interpretation of the 1:1 house, I wonder what the owners would think, I am sure they would want one too.

  7. Your 3D model is more like a photograph! Astounding how you've got the detail so perfectly.

  8. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Now I want to scrap the mini Lundby I made for the bungalow and make one of San Francisco's "painted lady" houses in 1:144...

  9. oh wow, it's so cute and tiny..great job :)

  10. Hello Emily,
    Wow! Once again I am amazed at what you can do in such a small scale. It is just beautiful and so well done and detailed. I love it.
    Big hug,

  11. Amazing!
    Your work and skill astound me, Emily!!
    Well done

  12. Me encantan las replicas, esta es maravillosa.
    Esas puertas tan diminutas no son fáciles de conseguir.
    Le felicito por el trabajo
    Un abrazo