Monday, 1 July 2013

Baltic Pine Floors for the Swedish House

This weekend I spent making the floors for the upper levels of the Swedish house. I decided to go for a plain design of broad boards, common in a lot of farm houses. They often had one broad board cutting through the centre of the room, usually mirroring a beam underneath.

I cut a sheet of card to the size of the room, and began making the floor. I used thin veneer timber of Tasmanian oak. This is a blonde timber, and gave the best imitation of baltic pine.  

I sanded it and and filled the bigger gaps with wood coloured timber filler. 

I gave the floor one coat of french polish which brought out the yellow tones in the wood. I wanted a more weathered and bleached look though, so after the coat of french polish I sanded the floor lightly. This gave a realistic effect, especially around the hearth and door, because I sanded more heavily there.

I then made a typical Swedish three panelled door, using the same technique as the last door I made.

Here is the unfinished door in situ. 

I also made a threshold, and sanded it down for a worn look. This added another element of realism and I was quite happy with it. 

Slowly it is all coming together, not long before the light fittings go in, and I can begin the facade.    


  1. Que casita tan preciosa te está quedando!!! Tu trabajo es impecable, me encantan los suelos y los terminados que le haces. Felicidades, es magnifico!!! Besos

  2. Your floor is magnificent! I will never know how anyone can achieve such perfect cuts! I have so much trouble doing this and yet, it's so necessary to the beauty of the finished product.

  3. Fabulous work Emily and I love your inspiration pic.

  4. Your floor is just perfect and, as Lucille said, you really master the art of cutting straight. The worn out look is a great success too.
    Keep showing us how it progresses.

  5. As always...your woodworking looks incredibly real. I can only dream of being able to cut basswood sticks straight...

  6. Amazing work, Emily! I love the realistic effect, it is just fantastic!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. it's wonderful! simply wonderful!


  8. All your floors are great! Love the Tasmanian oak! It's a lovely spacious house, I wouldn't mind living there...

  9. Hello Emily,
    The floor is gorgeous. Great choice of wood. It looks just right. The door looks very well made. Your pictures are so realistic. Good job!
    Big hug,

  10. Hello Emily! Your floors turned out so Beautifully and I am so envious! Your work is always so percise and so meticulously done and the results are always Superb! This will be a really lovely house when it is done. And I am looking forward to seeing all the things you will do as it gets there!


  11. Well... Cant wait this amazing project finished! I simply adore Gustavian rococo-neoclassical interior decoration! It is going to be a mini masterpiece I am sure.