Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The First Daffodils of (Early) Spring

It is daffodil time in south eastern Australia right now. This is the lovely time in late of winter where the daffodil and jonquil bulbs think it is warm enough to flower. In light of this, and the fact that daffodils are my boyfriend's most favourite flower, I decided to purchase some hand made miniature daffodils from Etsy. I found some very realistic flowers from MostlyArt.

The flowers look lovely in the Biedermeier parlour of the Georgian house. 

They also look nice next to the John Glover painting. I think they will stay there.

Also, the outside of the Bungalow is coming along nicely. 

It is fun to see a little house at the end of the corridor when I get to the top of the stairs. 


  1. Hello Emily,
    The flowers are very well made, great purchase. The room is stunning. So beautiful and full of stunning pieces. It is a pleasure to follow your work.
    Big hug,

  2. Hi Emily,
    the daffodils do look beautiful, flowers always seem to finish a room nicely, I need to get some more soon so thank you for the link I will check it out. Have you ever been out to Teslar's to see the tulips?

    The bungalow is looking good, I love the red door, I'm going to put one on the house I'm doing for my nice. Photos soon.

    ML Fi xx

  3. Preciosos los narcisos y muy reales, me encanta como quedan al lado del precioso cuadro. Besitos

  4. Hello Emily! I LOVE the daffodils and I think that they add a element of life and color to the environment as flowers always do in Real Life rooms too. I love would like to see them in a taller vase or with slightly shorter stems as I think that there is a visual imbalance between the top of the vase and where the green leaves begin. Your Bungalow is just charming and the red door is the Perfect counter point to the window frames! The quality of Your work is always Outstanding!


  5. I love your daffodils. We are also experiencing an early spring in NSW. Our plants seem to be very confused with the ever changing weather.