Sunday, 13 April 2014

Miniature News from Around the Web

Over the past couple of months I have come across several interesting artists and craftspeople creating miniatures. These projects have been doing the rounds on the web, but it is nice to see them in context, rather than in isolation on someones Pinterest board.

First is the UK based children's charity KIDS, who late last year organised a very original fund raising idea. They invited prominent architects to create dollhouses of their own design. The resulting houses were auctioned to raise money and awareness for children with a disability. Some big names in architecture took part, including Coffey Architects, FAT Architecture and Zaha Hadid Architects. Below are a small sample. 

This dollhouse by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris was one of the more "traditional houses", in that it resembled what one might normally consider to be a dollhouse. 

The house by Lifeschutz Davidson Sandilands (above) was in 1:6 (barbie scale).  

Some were a little bit more meta than others, such as this one by Guy Holloway Architects (above).

 Others played with colour and natural wood grains, such as this house by Coffey Architects (above).

In other dollhouse news, US artists Joe Fig has created a series of room boxes in 1:12 scale depicting a series of influential 20th century artists at work in the studios. These well executed miniatures are very detailed and would have required a great deal of research. Here are a selection of some of these beautiful rooms.

Finally, some pictures which you may have seen around the web or on Pinterest. These are the work of US photographic artist Thomas Doyle, whose fascination with snow globes eventually lead to these marvellous creations in 1:144 scale (or there about).  


  1. I bought Joe Fig's book a while back. It's interesting to read about the artist in each scene and also Joe's ideas behind the sculpture. Well worth a read.
    It's nice to see the architects ideas for modern dollhouses...if only we could get them to mass produce them ;0)

  2. Superbes réalisations! Merci de nous les faire découvrir.

  3. You can tell a lot of thought went into the artist room boxes, the details are fantastic. That 1:6 scale house must be HUGE!I have to say that my favorites are the ones by Coffey Architects and the first one.

  4. I love them all but Joe Figs boxes are very interesting


    thank you for posting the links :)

  5. These boxes are very lovely! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. Todas las casitas son espectaculares, hechas por grandes artesanos, y la finalidad de ayudar a los niños descapacitados es digna de elogio.