Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Bungalow is Finally Finished

I have finally finished the Bungalow, a little less than a year after I started it. Im quite glad it is done, it was a big job. I am pleased with the modifications I made to the original Real Good Toys kit, they have made it more "Bungalow-ey". Below is the original Real Good Toys kit.

Modifications included: 
  • Creating new external window architraves, and adding new window panes;
  • Entirely altering the front door;
  • Altering porch posts to two columns, rather than one fat column;
  • Removing porch railings and chimneys;
  • Removing interior staircase (because it was completely out of scale). 

I stained the shingles a dark wood colour, as it is the most common colour I have seen in California Bungalows. 

It took an inordinate amount of time to stick down all the trims and eve brackets. But they give a very finished and nice effect. 

I have listed it on eBay, and hopefully someone (who has more space than I do) can furnish it nicely with period Arts & Crafts style furnishings! I will be very sad to see it go.

You can view the listing here


  1. Beautiful. The finished house reminds me of a real Arts and Crafts-era house I know of in my native Los Angeles (apart from the fact that the real house is three stories high).

  2. It looks great, Emily! I love the exterior, especially the pylon shaped door and window frames, and the double porch posts, and the small panes at the top of the windows - they all make it look so much more like an Australian Californian bungalow! The panelled rooms downstairs are so warm (and I'm happy to see the wallpaper border I liked in place!), and the upstairs rooms so light and airy. I'm so sorry you have to sell it!I would hate to put all that work in, and create something as wonderful as this, and then have to see it go just when it was finished. I do hope it finds a loving new home, with someone who will treasure it and be inspired by its period details and the love that's gone into it.
    ps will you be making any more 1:144 houses? I put yours on my birthday wishlist last year, but I think I will have to buy myself one - if you make any more!

  3. This house is so pretty! I like the wallpaper trim, especially the trees, and the wood finish. Hope you get an immediate sale!

  4. What a lovely house! Great job!

  5. Congratulations! It really is wonderful, all the details create the bungalow look perfectly.

  6. What a lovely, lovely piece of work! All the changes you made were perfect! Good job, Emily! Congrats! Barbara Ann

  7. You did a great job - the project and the photos look awesome!

  8. Beautiful work Emily, the decor is spot on. I love every detail! :) How on Earth can you bear to part with it!!!! :D

  9. It's beautiful! Your modifications as usual create a very realistic house. I wouldn't be able to part with it!