Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Project, New Scale - 1:24 Kit Bash

Because I have so little room, I have decided my next dollhouse project will be in 1:24 scale (half inch scale). This way I can assemble a whole dollhouse on my desk with ease, and store it on top of the bookshelf without issues.

I decided to start with a kit and do a "kit bash" to customise it. This is mainly because I don't have any power tools in my little apartment, so can't cut any walls in order to start from scratch. I wanted to do a classic victorian, so I chose the Fairfield by Greenleaf. I got one from eBay for a bargain $50 (including shipping to Australia!).

I have done quite a lot of image searching in researching Victorian houses, because I want to get an authentic look. So far I have found a few little farm houses which I am sure the Fairfield was based on!

I am not satisfied with the quality of the doors and windows so I also shopped around for some replacements. There are about three main options in the mass market for 1:24 scale windows and doors (including internal and external). In the end I chose Grandt Line for the authenticity and architectural detail.

This means I only have two project currently on foot, which is a nice change!  This includes this new 1:24 house and my Swedish house. The Swedish house has been coming along slowly (owing to it being in my parent's workshop, and me having little time to visit). It has recently acquired the first two of its five planned hinged facard doors, and its two main windows, so that is something!


  1. Where there's a miniature will, there's a miniature way! Glad you are able to keep creating.

  2. Hello Emily,
    That was the very first miniature kit I ever worked on. It is a beautiful house with a lot of great details. I know you will turn it into something incredible. The Swedish house is coming along beautifully.
    Big hug,

  3. Hi Emily! I love to see you are creating miniatures, I'll follow your progress.
    I think it will be great as all things you do in miniature ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Perfect timing: the August issue of The tiny Times focuses on smaller scales: perhaps you'd like to include something? (Deadline is July 10)... :-)

    1. Wow, that is great! I had considered writing something and submitting it, but was never sure quite what. I will definitely see what I can come up with now! Thanks for letting me know :D

  5. That was an excellent buy, especially including shipping! I was happy to get a special deal on shipping for $125 US! I hope you enjoy doing yours as much as I enjoy doing mine.